July 26, 2017

California State Bar Court Lacks Fundamental Knowledge of Loan Modifications

    When it comes to the subject of getting one’s mortgage modified, very few actual … [Read more...]

Crimes of Hubris, Ineptitude & Folly: Geithner, Summers and Obama

  I’d like your opinion on the following purely hypothetical scenario…   If a small group … [Read more...]

Lee Camp | How Much Is That Election In The Window? (VIDEO)

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised A small group of millionaires and billionaires got … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Boldness. “Mitt Romney met quietly with a small group of conservative leaders in Washington on … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren, The Hellhound of Wall Street.

Americans are angry, and they are getting angrier. Entire life savings were stolen, they’ve … [Read more...]

The Motion Every Judge Should Read (And the one the foreclosure mills hoped would never see the light of day!)

Our circuit court judges are under unprecedented pressure from the Florida Legislature who has cut … [Read more...]

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