July 21, 2017

A leap from the edge of space

That first step is a doozie 42 year old Felix Baumgartner is currently warming up for an attempt to … [Read more...]

Another good-news-for-Newt poll: Gingrich hits 50 percent in Florida

Three's too many to be a fluke. It’s apparently my turn to chronicle Newt Gingrich’s … [Read more...]

AM I DREAMING ALL OF THIS? (If you can read this, please let me know.)

Listen… I don’t mind telling you that I’m starting to freak out over here. Is it possible that I’m … [Read more...]

Video: Why are tar sands evil, again?

Because it is, that's why. A good man-on-the-street video is hard to beat. So, why is oil evil? … [Read more...]

HAMP, HARP, HOP, HOOP… Like Watching Someone Spend $10 Trying to Fly to the Moon

The Washington Post, with Bloomberg, just did what I had been thinking about doing for quite some … [Read more...]

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