August 17, 2017

TEXAS Foreclosure Help from Mandelman Matters – START HERE

  You have found the Mandelman Matters state specific series of pages dedicated to homeowners at … [Read more...]

Texas Foreclosure Laws

CLICK BELOW FOR: State of Texas Foreclosure Laws The link above will take you to the page dedicated … [Read more...]

Feds to Texas: You defunded Planned Parenthood, now we’re defunding you

Obama's War on Women's Health. When the Texas state administration first considered a rule to ban … [Read more...]

Video: Pro-Bachmann Super PAC launches ad aimed at Perry

"Nobody will go after Rick Perry so I thought I would." An ad created by the ironically named … [Read more...]

The State of Texas Demands Permanent Injunction…Against American Home Mortgage Servicing…

In the lawsuit attached below, no less an authority or political force than….THE STATE OF … [Read more...]

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