July 24, 2017

Wells Fargo gives $22,000 to Suicide Hotline… A gift the bank can use too.

  It all started when I saw that this past February, Wells Fargo had donated $22,000 to … [Read more...]

The U.S. residential real estate market is in a full-blown crisis. And there’s no easy way to solve it

From the Worthy Intellectual Wharton Magazine: Wharton Magazine Equally troubling is the number of … [Read more...]

Newsweek: Weak home sales aren’t big deal

There are two reasons the home-sales report isn't a big deal. First, housing is a highly seasonal … [Read more...]

Obama and Bankers Meet at White House

So, there I was waiting all day to see what happened at The White House yesterday when President … [Read more...]

CONGRESS: It’s Not About Right and Left Anymore… It’s About Right and Wrong.

On Thursday afternoon, when Melissa Bean, a Democrat from Illinois, stood in the way of the Walt … [Read more...]

Mortgage Hardship: Solutions to Avoid Foreclosure

Here's a link to my similar article at EZinesArticles.com: … [Read more...]

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