August 20, 2017

Recovery!?! | In Oregon, Foreclosures are Going Behind Closed Doors with No Newspaper Notices

Foreclosures going behind closed doors So, if you owe the bank $300,000 on a house that sells for … [Read more...]

DOJ hits Gibson with $300K fine in settlement over exotic wood raids

Regulatory dischord. Did you get here Googling “exotic wood raids?” Is this not what you … [Read more...]

Tennessee Dems denounce their own Senate candidate

Associated with a known hate group... All eyes are on the Senate this year, given the importance of … [Read more...]

Blogger horrified to realize that Burger King’s new bacon sundae is lookin’ pretty good to him

It's come to this. I know what you’re thinking. “If you were jazzed about the bacon … [Read more...]

Tennessee bill would direct state Health Department to post a report of every abortion

Wise? Under consideration in the state legislature of Tennessee right now is a bill — the Life … [Read more...]

Gingrich’s Southern strategy off to a slow start

Worst home-state performance since Pat Robertson? How can Newt Gingrich make up ground on Mitt … [Read more...]

The aftermath: Pack a lunch and a flashlight

The long war Say, do you remember that time when Mitt Romney waded into the battle on Super Tuesday … [Read more...]

Open thread: Stupor Tuesday; Update: Newt wins GA; Update: Romney wins VA, VT, MA; Update: Santorum wins OK, TN, ND; Update: Exit polls added; Update: Romney wins Ohio

Endgame. I wish I could take credit for that phrase but it belongs to Joseph Curl. We’re all … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Santorum up 4 in Tennessee

Quiet but important. Yesterday morning, I discovered that few pollsters have bothered with the … [Read more...]

What’s up with Newt Gingrich? Gallup’s daily tracking poll, for one thing

A little good news for Gingrich. While Mitt Romney continues to rack up delegates, each of the other … [Read more...]

New book “Everything Obama Knows About the Economy” is completely blank

Gift idea. Tennessee banker Jimmy Moncrief just self-published his first book — a 150-page … [Read more...]

Lawmaker Introduces Bill That Requires Politicians & Judges & Banksters To Be Drug Tested (VIDEO)

Touché ~ Tweet Related posts:Press Release | Leahy Introduces Bill, Fighting … [Read more...]

A different type of protest: Hundreds rally in support of Gibson Guitars

Lessons in contrast. As the Occupy Wall Street protests grow “increasingly debauched,” … [Read more...]

Bank of America approves permanent loan modification. Homeowner makes payments. Trustee sale set Oct. 19th.

A homeowner from Tennessee called me today in a panic because she had just been notified that Bank … [Read more...]

NFL Week 3 open thread

Whew. Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers started off their special 15-game season with a shutout win … [Read more...]

Lame: Local Dem politician demands end to Obama satire in Tennessee

Disappointing. I guess Joe Armstrong must have found this satirical box of Obama Disappoint-Mints … [Read more...]

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