August 18, 2017

Lenders Use Courts to Create Modern Debtors’ Prison

Payday lenders use courts to create modern debtors’ prison Wakita Shaw’s troubles … [Read more...]

Three Central Banks Surprise… Desperation in Three Part Harmony

  Yesterday, the New York Times reported that in a single hour three central banks… one in … [Read more...]

Apocalypse soon: Slim but growing chance that Congress might have to raise debt ceiling again … before next year’s election

Uh oh. This was, of course, The One’s nightmare scenario, a prospect so politically horrific … [Read more...]

S&P bond rater: It’s the debt, stupid; Update: S&P official: Another downgrade will come if we don’t reduce long-term debt

Duh. What caused the United States to lose its AAA rating for the first time in 94 years, a rating … [Read more...]

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