July 24, 2017

State of Texas Foreclosure Resource Links

STATE OF TEXAS GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Attorney General Greg Abbott Finance Commission of Texas House … [Read more...]

SEC Charges Deloitte and Touche (JP Morgan’s Independent Foreclosure Review Firm) with Violating U.S. Securities Laws in Refusal to Produce Documents

Glad me have these boys on the job reviewing the fraudulent foreclosures… ~ SEC Charges … [Read more...]

House Dems Tell Justice Dept, the Fed, and Comptroller of Currency: “It is time that are held accountable for their practices.”

The New York Times is reporting that: “Representative Pelosi, the House speaker, and 30 other … [Read more...]

Ohio Attorney General/Texas Attorney General Sue Mortgage Servicers

Some states have powerful,  proactive Attorney Generals who aren’t afraid to stand up for … [Read more...]

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