August 19, 2017

1-800-FOOD-STAMPS: How states expand eligibility for welfare program

Costs have quadrupled in 10 years Getting food-stamp benefits can now be as easy as picking up an … [Read more...]

Get your Independent Foreclosure Review!

OCC and the Federal Reserve announced this week that banks who service mortgages will be sending … [Read more...]

1-800-ROBOSIGN | Foreclosure Complaint? Stand By for New Toll-Free Number

Foreclosure Complaint? Stand By for New Toll-Free Number It probably won’t include “1-800-ROBO,” but … [Read more...]

Minnesota Attorney General Sues 5 Internet Payday Lenders for Automatically Extending Loans

The five lenders, Flobridge Group LLC, Silver Leaf Management and Upfront Payday, all of Utah; and … [Read more...]

Bringing Up the REAR – Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

When it comes to homeowners applying for loan modifications, mortgage servicers come in three … [Read more...]

St. Louis BBB Warns Homeowners: “Steer Clear of Mass Joinder Lawsuit Mailings”

Okay, so I’m back from vacation and trying to stay abreast of what’s going on with the Kramer & … [Read more...]

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