July 23, 2017

BANG | Officers Shoot Homeowner While Being Evicted from Foreclosed House

Officers shoot homeowner being evicted from foreclosed house ST. ANN, Mo. (KMOV.com) — Police … [Read more...]

Unlawful Intrusions | Indiana Sets A Model For All States

The Market Ticker – Indiana Sets A Model For All States It’s about damn time. Every time … [Read more...]

Recap of the Police Raid on #OccupyOakland

This video recaps the events of 10/25/11. In the morning, police forcibly removed the Occupy Oakland … [Read more...]

GOING UP… The Rising Bar of Homeowner Rage

It all started last Friday morning when a Broward County sheriff went to a townhouse to serve its … [Read more...]

The Greatest Quote About Fraudclosure Yet…

From an awesome story in Daily Business: Sandra Castillo-Rivera is fighting the foreclosure on her … [Read more...]

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