July 23, 2017

Carbon emissions down thanks to… fracking

Not a typo I guess the green warriors have finally won the battle. A new report shows that not only … [Read more...]

Report: Romney’s Iowa win may be due to a typo; Update: Romney actually wins by wider margin?

Oh my. This is the ultimate story for Romney-haters, isn’t it? Flipping 20 votes from Mitt to … [Read more...]

Number of “working groups” now governing Occupy Wall Street: 79 and counting

No typo. So says Time magazine. Meanwhile, thanks to the nasty weather, there were reportedly … [Read more...]

Earth to Bankers, Earth to Bankers… Your Planet is Dying, You Must Evacuate, It’s Time to Come Home.

Okay, this is becoming positively surreal.  Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism calls it “Banker … [Read more...]

$160 Million to DEFEND Fannie & Freddie? Now, if I could only find that damn rabbit hole I must have slid down…

From Insult to Injury… and then back to Insult once again… followed by more Injury… but then … [Read more...]

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