August 18, 2017

When Firms Pay CEOs More than Uncle Sam, The Tax System is Broken

When Firms Pay CEOs More than Uncle Sam, The Tax System is Broken Twenty-five of the 100 … [Read more...]

The Final Steps to Serfdom | For Billionaires Only – Uncle Sam’s Real Estate Fire Sale

“The largest transfer of wealth from the public to private sector is about to begin. The federal … [Read more...]

Video: Uncle Sam’s unlimited cell-phone plan

Taxpayers need a lifeline. Say — how’d you like to get a free cellphone?  No strings … [Read more...]

What is the Largest and Most Influential Financial Institution in the World? The U.S. Government

When Uncle Sam plays banker Today’s lesson on How America Really Works begins with a question: What … [Read more...]

Is nationalized health care inevitable?

Nice mom genes There’s a disturbing question to ponder this evening. We’re not talking … [Read more...]

Senate Republicans introduce bill to eliminate budget gimmicks

The budget according to Uncle Sam. If only we could all budget our money the way Uncle Sam does. We … [Read more...]

Most don’t want Uncle Sam hiring millions more

Nanny state hiring nannies? Amid swirling speculation over whether Barack Obama will “go … [Read more...]

Video: “Save money just like Uncle Sam”

Hammertime. Mary Katharine Ham has made this observation astutely again and again: The … [Read more...]

The Fraud, The Lies, The Utter Madness of this all….how did we all get so dumb?

I just don’t think we can get out of this mess without major chaos…the depths and … [Read more...]

Your Federal Government- The Real Party at Interest in Foreclosure Fraud? (Mother Jones Story)

One of the many, many dirty secrets that will come out about all this foreclosure fraud that is … [Read more...]

New Legislation to Offer $1 Billion in Federal Loans to Help Unemployed Homeowners Pay Mortgages

Okay, so if your response to reading this is to say: “file under Giant Federal Band-Aid,” then fair … [Read more...]

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