July 24, 2017

Poll: Is the youth vote slowly turning to Romney?

Somewhat less enthused. Yesterday, I wondered whether the almost 17 percent youth unemployment rate … [Read more...]

Important new campaign endorsement: “DJs for Obama”

The youths. I’m really hoping that the almost 17 percent unemployment rate among those aged 18 … [Read more...]

California launches website to straighten out climate-change “deniers”

Priorities. Oh, California. The Golden State consistently receives some of the nation’s lowest … [Read more...]

July jobs report: 163K jobs added, 8.3% jobless rate

Boost? The Bureau of Labor Statistics gave some mildly good news for the first time in four months.  … [Read more...]

Washington looks to North Dakota for economic, energy blueprint

State has lowest unemployment rate at 3 percent North Dakota isn’t your typical destination for … [Read more...]

Obama: The jobs report is a “step in the right direction”

Wait, are we looking at the same jobs report? Hey, remember a few years ago, back in 2009, when … [Read more...]

Three Central Banks Surprise… Desperation in Three Part Harmony

  Yesterday, the New York Times reported that in a single hour three central banks… one in … [Read more...]

Jobs report: 80K jobs added, 8.2% jobless rate; Update: Worst quarter in 2 years

Recovery Bummer, redux. The jobs report for June shows another gloomy month in the US economy.  Job … [Read more...]

How Do You Take Your Catastrophe? Um, just a little at a time, please… with two Splendas.

  We really are, in large part anyway, a nation of petty, self-absorbed, badly behaved … [Read more...]

EuroZone jobless rate hits new high

"Unsustainable"? It’s not just the US, which is a point that Barack Obama will likely seize in … [Read more...]

Jobs report: Only 69,000 jobs added, jobless rate rises to 8.2%; Update: New Romney ad attacks on jobs, Solyndra

"Huge miss." Jim Pethokoukis called this a “huge miss” on Twitter, and he’s … [Read more...]

Romney: How does six percent unemployment by the end of my first term sound?

Benchmarks. Normally I hate self-imposed benchmarks since there’s plenty of downside to them … [Read more...]

Unemployment rate at 8.1%, only 115K jobs added, participation rate shrinks again to new low

Total employment level actually fell by 169K. The April jobs report fell short of analysts … [Read more...]

Unemployment rate at 8.1%, only 115K jobs added, participation rate shrinks again to new low

Total employment level actually fell by 169K. The April jobs report fell short of analysts … [Read more...]

March unemployment 8.2%, economy added 121,000 jobs

But not firing either The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate … [Read more...]

RNC Chair stands up for Santorum on his comments about the unemployment rate

"This election is about big things. It was outrageous outrage indeed. By omitting the full context … [Read more...]

Outrageous outrage: “I don’t care what the unemployment rate is going to be,” says Santorum

"Doesn't matter to me." The clip comes from Team Mitt, which has taken enough cheap shots from the … [Read more...]

Santorum: This could be the foreign policy election after all

The freedom election. So far, Republicans have tried two legs of the proverbial stool: Why not try … [Read more...]

Unemployment stays at 8.3%, 227K jobs added

U-6 improves to 14.9%. It looks like the ADP report was more predictive than Gallup for … [Read more...]

Economy Recovering? No, it’s not. Housing? NO. Unemployment? NO. Stock Market? NO.

A couple of quick clarifications related to stories now in the news:   A. NO, housing has NOT … [Read more...]

Bank sues itself, wins, and then forces itself into bankruptcy to satisfy judgment

During the mortgage madness of 2003 – 2006, banks wore many hats related to the complex derivatives … [Read more...]

Bad news: Obama’s got the blues

Sweet home Chicago. We already knew that, actually, but I wonder what the specific cause is tonight. … [Read more...]

This is your “Obama recovery”

Progress. The Dems are crowing about the drop in unemployment numbers. But if you look a little … [Read more...]

Obama To Women: “Look, Little Ladies! A Shiny Object!”

The boogeyman strategy. Barack Obama thinks women are idiots. Time will tell if he’s got a … [Read more...]

Unemployment rate drops to 8.3%, 243K jobs added

Boost. The US economy had a good month for job creation in December, according to the new report … [Read more...]

NY Foreclosure King Steven J. Baum | Fraudclosure Mill to Unemployment Mill

Foreclosure king’s unemployment mill He’s a one-person, countywide economic disaster. Steven J. … [Read more...]

Hey millennials, you don’t actually like to be miserable, do you?

Introducing the Youth Misery Index. Young America’s Foundation has released a useful tool to … [Read more...]

Mark Steyn: War on Christmas indicative of the “Western world at twilight”

"It's not a small thing." It’s an interesting interpretation of a phenomenon that is often … [Read more...]

The return of the 400K myth

Initial jobless claims back to Q1 levels. There seems to be no more fertile area for statistical … [Read more...]

Gallup: About that unemployment number …

CBS isn't impressed, either. Last Friday’s unemployment rate drop of 0.4% to 8.6% gave the … [Read more...]

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