July 24, 2017

Sununu on DNC venue switcheroo: “You can’t believe a thing this administration says”

Shots fired. After this morning’s news that the Democrats are now planning to move … [Read more...]

Powerhouse Planned Parenthood rally draws paltry crowd

Unplanned. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A vagina costume lay abandoned in a sad, pink heap 20 yards from the … [Read more...]

Video: Guy & MKH wrap, reax, RNC Day 2

Big night. Guy’s write-up of the night is here. He calls it a Grand Slam. As for me, … [Read more...]

Obama: Gee, maybe Biden could have phrased it differently

Plus: Morning Joe ridicules the venue. It’s been nearly two months since Barack Obama opened … [Read more...]

The Lonely Guy

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? The first rule of Campaign Club is to pick a venue that produces … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s marvelous speech

Change. Having written about the subtext of Pres. Obama’s Tuesday speech to news editors, it … [Read more...]

Hamas, Palestinian Authority meet in Cairo to form unity government

What happens next? Good news, or disaster?  Perhaps the venue will give us a hint: Palestinian … [Read more...]

Kodak Dumps the Oscar Theater, Proving that Contract Rejection is like No Fault Divorce: There is No Defense

Just under a month ago, Eastman Kodak filed for chapter 11 and now it is doing what many chapter 11 … [Read more...]

Gingrich: That Obama visit to Disney World is kind of goofy, no?

Way too easy. I hope that the “Reasonable Profits Board” comes up as a topic in … [Read more...]

Good news: Super-president to accept nomination at larger venue befitting his awesomeness

The One. C’mon, they had to move it. After 2008′s grotesque Greek-column stadium … [Read more...]

New Obama lieutenant a “union buster”?

And who built the venue where Obama will conclude the convention? Hey, maybe we’ve been too … [Read more...]

The Ed Morrissey Show: Steven Crowder, Katie Pavlich

3 pm ET! The Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET) returns to its usual venue — my home office and … [Read more...]

Occupy Bank of America?

Who knew that Mitt Romney had outflanked Obama on the left? Well, it took Nixon to go to China, but … [Read more...]

A lighthouse keeper in the desert sun

Thinking about the return of the Delaware/SDNY venue debate and the bankruptcy court's decision … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Optics. When it comes to making an argument on policy, Presidents like to choose settings that … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Chapter 11 Venue

So Adam has come out in support of HR 2533, a bill which would force corporations to file in the … [Read more...]

Obama asks for prime-time joint session of Congress for jobs speech

On same night as Republican presidential debate. Earlier today, Barack Obama chose the venue to … [Read more...]

Video: New SarahPAC clip looks suspiciously like an Iowa campaign ad

In? They’ve already moved her tea-party speech on September 3 to a larger venue to accommodate … [Read more...]

I must start by pointing out that not a single Wall Street executive has gonne to jail…and that’s wrong.

True and painful words.  Words that make me furious.  But I’m not just sitting aside typing … [Read more...]

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