July 26, 2017

WaPo/ABC poll: Obama’s favorable rating now underwater — including with women

Oh my. B-b-b-but Madeleine Albright says she can’t understand why any woman would vote for … [Read more...]

Fact checking in the hot tub time machine

Back to the future! The always accurate and never disputed people at Wikipedia tell us that … [Read more...]

Fact checking in the hot tub time machine

Back to the future! The always accurate and never disputed people at Wikipedia tell us that … [Read more...]

Romney up 1 in new WaPo/ABC poll, 47/46

But up 4 among independents. These days, even a D+9 sample can’t buy Barack Obama a lead in … [Read more...]

DOE loan chief warned staff that personal e-mail could be subpoenaed

Sketch. Tuesday, the Washington Post reported on documents showing that Jonathan Silver, the former … [Read more...]

Politico/GWU poll shows Romney, Obama in virtual tie

... but Romney up 10 among independents? For the next few days, we’re likely to see polling on … [Read more...]

Boss Emeritus to Romney: Nail Obama team for illegal coordination

If this isn't a case for investigation, then one will never exist. Our own Boss Emeritus made an … [Read more...]

WaPo/ABC poll shows Romney favorability plateaued, Obama dropping among registered voters

Independents balking? Today’s Washington Post/ABC News poll gives a little bit of good news to … [Read more...]

WaPo fact checker gives 4 Pinocchios to Harry Reid

Plus, Part III of Questions Harry Reid Won't Answer. You’re probably asking yourself, … [Read more...]

Guess who’s on a winning streak in endorsements?

The last laugh. I’m not surprised by this, but I am a little surprised that the Washington … [Read more...]

New RNC/Romney ad: Believe in the America you built

Positive. How effective is the new ad from the RNC for Mitt Romney?  Effective enough that the … [Read more...]

WaPo: Three Pinocchios for Romney-is-a-felon attack

"The Obama campaign is blowing smoke here." Only three?  Glenn Kessler gave Team Obama a 25% … [Read more...]

Hot new leftist attack: Romney might have committed a felony by lying about when he quit Bain or something

Party of ideas. We’re late to today’s Boston Globe piece, but if you missed the basics … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Trouble. The new Quinnipiac University and ABC/Washington Post national surveys out this week … [Read more...]

WaPo/ABC poll shows a dead heat …

... with a D+9 sample. In 2008, Barack Obama won the national popular vote by seven points in a … [Read more...]

Obama to campaign on 2010 re-run

Hike taxes on everyone making $250,000 or more. Some believe Barack Obama has run out of ideas on … [Read more...]

Reuters | Insight – Evidence Suggests Anti-Foreclosure Laws May Backfire

Insight: Evidence suggests anti-foreclosure laws may backfire (Reuters) – State and federal … [Read more...]

Dems: At Bain, Romney was a “pioneer” in outsourcing jobs overseas

So... what's your point, exactly? Ughh. It sickens me that our country’s leaders are thusly … [Read more...]

WaPo: Another day, another four Pinocchios to Team Obama

Plouffe job. What is this, eight Pinocchios in two days?  Team Obama could go for the hat trick, but … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Karma, take two. It’s easy to tell the pros from the amateurs. Pros understand that politics … [Read more...]

Anya Stiglitz’s Latest Book | From Cairo to Wall Street: Lisa Epstein – The Accidental Activist

From Cairo to Wall Street: Lisa Epstein – The Accidental Activist Anya Stiglitz, who goes by … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Painful. Barack Obama’s press conference on June 8th got a lot of bad reviews, mainly for his … [Read more...]

Mortgage Fraud Activist, Lisa Epstein, Seeking County Post

Mortgage Fraud Activist Seeking County Post Mortgage fraud activist Lisa Epstein qualified for the … [Read more...]

Dems beginning to panic at Team Obama incompetence?

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin ... oh my. The Washington Post offers a slightly more mild … [Read more...]

Can more government “heal the economy”?

Faith-based initiatives. So says E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post, who wonders why more Democrats … [Read more...]

Will Hillary hit the reset button for 2016?

The empty bench. Will she or won’t she? Normally, one would expect the focus in an election … [Read more...]

US officials leak claims of credit for Stuxnet in partnership with Israel

Media gives credit to Obama, but ... The US and Israel partnered on the Stuxnet worm years ago in a … [Read more...]

Do WaPo editors read their own newspaper?

Pinocchios and projection. Newspapers and other media sources insist that their mission is to keep … [Read more...]

AP fact-check blasts Obama spending claims

"Obama's role in 2009 spending was much bigger than that." Who’s buying the notion that Barack … [Read more...]

Romney going after African-American voting bloc?

Strength. Just a few weeks ago, the media thought that Mitt Romney would have so much difficulty … [Read more...]

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