August 18, 2017

Force Placed Insurance | Couple Face Off with Bank of America Over Mortgage

“For nearly two years, the Bergquists say, they’ve been trying to win back control of their … [Read more...]

First day of RNC cancelled due to weather. Update: Storm moving West.

Wrath of Rain We just received word that Monday’s slate of events for the RNC in Tampa will be … [Read more...]

Menino: Looks like I can’t ban Chick-fil-A from Boston after all

“I make mistakes all the time. That’s a Menino-ism.” The guy’s a moron. End of story. “I can’t … [Read more...]

PPP: Kerrey makes things worse in Nebraska for Democrats

Oops. This isn’t how the playbook predicted the Senate race in Nebraska.  After incumbent … [Read more...]

Trending on Twitter: Obama’s #WeCantWait slogan backfires

Alert Attack Watch. Remember when President Barack Obama said many Americans just “can’t … [Read more...]

The wages of sin (taxes) again

Revenue going up in smoke Ah, politicians and their sin taxes. It’s like kids with big bags of … [Read more...]

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